Lucidnewz is a news website that deals with the excessive use of recommender systems on must media websites.As we live in a world where everything is tailored for our preferences and what we think we like. There is a enourms loss in information that is making it through to our atention. The main tool used by media for determening what to show and not is recomender systems. Recomender systems (very simplified) determines what to be shown based on the useres earlier interactions.
This have a self empowering effect such that the user in the end only get presented very specific material tailered for the users preferences. This circle of information has one very bad consecvence that people are only confronted with suited news typically supporting a specifc view instead of given the user a broad understanding and multiple views on the same topic.
To over come this Lucidnewz gather all news from a broad range of newspapers (see list on website) and list them in chronicle order. Lucidnewz don't use any kind of recommender system and the user only gets whats out there.

Please feel free to visit the site, currently only in danish, at