Lepio is a small bowtie company. Lepio was created as a project working with different kinds of neck wear. The scope of the project was to experiment with colours and styles for lightening up the fashion tendency at the time, which was dominated by dark colours and very conservative dressing.
The main focus of Lepio became bowties because of they shape and position on the body, as well as their long history of use. The idea of the project was to make people look more happy and thereby making them feel more happy.
The beautiful side of a bowtie compared to any other accessory is that it is located on the neck. Its colours and shape can therefore easily bring complement and highlight the face of the person wearing it. If the bowtie is formal it bring thoroughness to the person face etc. As a result of these thoughts a great range of colours and stylish bowties was made by hand.

From the left to the right: A blue waved bowtie and a flower bowtie made from an old Eton shirt