HIPS is a ongoing project working with online anonymity. The goal of the project is to let people use the commercial websites such as Google, Facebook, etc. without having to give up their privacy and as well making it possible for the user to take charge of the personal profile the different websites make of them.
The HIPS project is currently being build as a new browser to gain as much control as possible. The browser's main engine is build as a distributed network between other HIPS browsers for sharing network signatures and other data that can't (or are difficult) be created artificially (such as ISP, IP location etc).
By grouping the users interactions (in this topic a interaction is something detectable for the website) into passive and active interactions it is possible to narrow down what information which is undisguisable and thereby inform the user and let him/she make an informed choice. Thereby HIPS gives back the controls to the user letting him/her determine what footprint should be left behind and what the websites should think they know about you. The goal is to create an open source browser where the users are driving the obscurity and thereby truly hiding in plane sight.