Art in another dimension is a conceptual idea that was conceived in 2016 while working with augmented reality (in the form of a smart phone app). The idea of art in another dimension is to let people add 3D sculptures, videos and all other kinds of art to an augmented reality, the art dimension.
Illustration of how the app should be able to show the 3d art.

This art dimension should then allow the contributors to host exhibitions and galleries in the new dimension. The new art dimension should as well allow a sense of ownership so allowing that once pice is only accesable at some specific geographical location (having a sculpture or picture in your private home). The art dimension should be hosted on a distributed network ensuring its independence from a centralised view of art.
The art dimension would thereby extend the known world with a new world for completely digital art in all its shapes and sizes. The project hasn't been realised yet but hopefully is going to be in the near future.